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  • Who knew tallow would be the best thing for your skin? We didn't...but then we learned...Click to learn for yourself!

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    Deeper than skin

    discover a new kind of radiance

    bottles of herbs and oils for use in natural tallow skincare

    Made by Nature

    Zero toxic ingredients. Enjoy hand-made skincare formulated with grade A, unrefined and organic ingredients. Because purity is the only option.

    woman walking through field of lavender to be used in tallow moisturizers by Nefertem

    Consciously Aligned

    We purchase from other conscious companies & farms that choose the planet over profit. We prioritize organic, local and family-owned above all.

    woman holding burning sage to cleanse Nefertem skincare products

    Cleansed & Blessed

    Purity in spirit is just as essential as purity in ingredients. Each product is cleansed, blessed, and sealed with love for your highest good.

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    skincare guarantee

    We’ll refund 100% of your purchase if you’re not in love with our products. Zero risk, all the reward!